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The history of the country hotel
The basic house was built in 1856 and already served as an inn and at times also as a post office for the town. In 1954, the married couple Änni and Leo Schneiders took over their parents' village inn and the small-scale self-sufficiency business. In 1970 they expanded the business by three guest rooms, which were equipped with hot and cold running water. In addition, the village restaurant was modernized. Daughter Roswitha and husband Reinhold have been working in the company since 1976, which they both took over in 1993. After the death of their parents, the Schends were faced with the choice of giving up the business or investing. They decided to do the latter and began extensive renovations in 1995: the old farm building was demolished and a new guest house with 22 beds and a dining room was built. Two years later, in 1997, they were able to open the new building with the new name "Landhaus Schend". In the years that followed, further construction work increased the number of beds to 44, an elevator was integrated, and a modern dining room and a cozy fireplace room were created. Since 1999, the Landhaus Schend has also been awarded 3 stars in the German hotel classification.
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Our Philosophy
The well-being of our guests is important to us. Inspiring and pampering you is the philosophy of our house, which we have been living and maintaining since the establishment of our house and passing it on to our employees. We see our task in making your holiday with us an unforgettable experience.
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