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Eifel holiday region
Our hotel nestles in the crater of an extinct volcano. Experience the uniqueness of our Vulkaneifel health landscape.
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Leisure tips & excursion destinations

Living Earth History

Immerath and the maar of the same name, the crater lake of a volcano that erupted tens of thousands of years ago, open windows into the history of the earth for you. The former dimensions of the volcano can only be guessed at on tours through the often untouched nature.

Attractive cycling, hiking and Nordic walking trails offer ideal conditions for this. Above all, the Maare-Moselle cycle path and the premium hiking trail Eifelsteig.

Diversity in the border triangle

Family-friendly tours lead to sights such as the school museum in Immerath and the path of the senses. There are other Eifelmaars to discover in the vicinity and houses that provide information about them, such as the Maarmuseum in Manderscheid or the Vulkanhaus in Strohn.

You can get an impressive overview from the Vulkano information platform on the Steineberger Ley. Visit the Daun wildlife park, the Eifel race track Nürburgring - or even an outdoor pool - and start on day trips to the Moselle, to Luxembourg or Belgium.

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